Hi! My name is Nicole and I have started this blog so that my friends and family can watch my little girls grow up. I can’t believe how much they are changing, and I see them every day! So this blog is for the aunties who live too far away, and for friends who I just can’t seem to visit often enough…

In case you stumbled across this blog and don’t know me from a hole in the wall (or blog, I suppose), let me introduce myself. I am mommy to the two most beautiful girls in the entire universe. I won’t even use the excuse that I am biased, because they truly are the most beautiful girls EVER!!! I am super lucky and get to stay home with them most of the time. I go to work once or twice a month, which is great because it keeps my brain from turning to mush and from wasting the 8 years of higher education spent earning my veterinary degree. Hence the blog name Nickievet, a nod to my former identity as a small animal veterinarian.

I am currently learning how to use my digital SLR camera along with Photoshop, and am hoping to someday start a business taking portraits of babies, pets, families…I have so much to learn before I reach that point. But I am loving the journey so far, even though it has been frustrating at times. I’m planning on posting lots of photos on this blog, so stay tuned to see how my skills progress!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. first time I have looked here, you are truly a talented photographer!! I’m SO SORRY about Choles hair cut. It is my worst nightmare! Oh, I enjoyed the brother-in-law stuff. Next time I see him I will be looking at him with different eyes!! (smile)

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