Grandpa Bunny’s Farm

Chloe calls my dad Grandpa Bunny. Which is really funny, because my dad is about as un-bunny-like as one can be. And I think it is cute, if not downright hysterical. If you know my dad, you would agree.

My dad grew up on a dairy farm in New England. He milked cows, he farmed… I think he would have lived there his entire life had circumstances been different. Instead, he went on to college and then to vet school. He moved to California and began a long and distinguished career as a bovine practitioner. He carved an impressive niche for himself and, in some respects, changed the profession. And after 35 years of service, my dad officially hung up his sleeve and retired.

But not totally. While most people retire to a quaint little community or travel the globe, my dad started himself a farm. It is my dad’s little slice of heaven, where he gets to work on his cows and farm the land. It seems that his life has come full circle.

Last week, the girls and I traveled to visit my parents. My dad was so excited to take the girls to his farm and show them the cows. And of course, I had to take some pictures! So here is a brief glimpse into Grandpa Bunny’s Farm:

Grandpa's cows on pasture

My dad has all registered Angus cows… which it turns out, are totally different from dairy cows. You would think “a cow’s a cow”. Not so much. Anyhow, my dad called his cows over to come and see the girls. Chloe was not too interested, but Ella sure was!

Grandpa Bunny and Ella

Ella was too excited to see the cows to pose with Grandpa. The cows were pretty excited to see her, too:

Hi girls!

Hey, nice boots!

Chloe could care less about the cows. She saw one of my dad’s barn cats and took off:


Grandpa Bunny was all too happy to show Chloe his favorite kitty, Phantom:

Chloe meets Phantom

Grandpa and Phantom

A quick shout out to the illustrious Dr. Matt Stepnik who put Phantom back together again after an unfortunate misunderstanding with a large diesel truck. Matt – great work!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day:

Ella looking fabulous in the wind

Chloe equally as fabulous in the wind

A pensive Ella

A mischievous Chloe

SImon Says touch your ultra chic pink cowgirl boots!

Rockin' the hat, somewhat

Lest we not forget Grandpa Bunny. After all, it is his farm.

Grandpa and John... Deere, that is

Happiness is...

We watched the sun set over the farm and my dad said something that made me smile. He said “if I ever get to the point where I don’t know who or where I am, just stick me in a room painted green and yellow”. And I’ll be sure that the little green and yellow room has a window with this view:

Grandpa's Heaven on Earth

Dad, thanks for showing us around your farm. The girls and I had a wonderful time and we hope to come back and visit again. Please say “hay!” to the cows for us.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!


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    • Wow – that is a big compliment Dennis! Especially considering the last one you made, which I had to trash…

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