My pets and sunset

Have you ever noticed how completely gorgeous the light is as the sun begins it’s descent into night? It is warm and beautiful and brings back memories of being a kid in the summertime, when you hoped for just a few more minutes of light so you could play outside just a little longer…

The windows in our living room face west and every evening as the sun begins to set, our animals strategically position themselves on the couch. Just like little kids, they try to collect every last drop of sunshine. I grabbed my camera and tried to capture the innate happiness that is sunset in the McArthur living room.


Even cats with one eye can appreciate a killer (even a not-so-killer) sunset.


Poe likes to snuggle into the cushions on the back of the couch. Preferably on top of a soft and fluffy blanket.


Pinecone usually curls up in her dog bed. Unfortunately for her on this evening, Chloe tried to curl up in the dog bed as well…

Big Fat Otis

You would think that a 24 pound cat has enough natural insulation that he would avoid warm things like sunset and fire. Not BFO… he gravitates towards both. He will find the smallest ray of sunshine and soak it in.


And then there is Milo… I think he lays in the sun only because he knows how good his orange fur looks in the warm glow of the sun. Here is another shot of Mr. Sunshine:

Milo, vertical with flare

The smile on his face says it all. And with that… good night.


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