My Girls

My family is fortunate to live in a beautiful community. It is the community where Gary grew up and where his parents still live… grandma and grandpa live 3 doors up the road. The homes are built around 150 acres of nature area and horse pastures, home to several small lakes and thousands of huge oak trees. A month ago, we took the girls out for a long walk and we settled in a beautiful pasture filled with monstrous granite rocks. Wanting to enjoy the time with my family, I left my camera at home… I cursed myself the entire morning. And since that day, I couldn’t wait to go back with the girls and have ourselves a little photo shoot. I waited… and waited… and waited some more. Between the croup, the flu and the rain, it would be a month before we made it back. I knew exactly what I wanted to dress the girls in – their adorable new outfits from our favorite store Peek… Aren’t You Curious.

Without further adieu, here are my favorites from our shoot, which I call “Peek… in Hidden Valley”.

We’ll start with a few of Chloe in her beautiful dress.

And here is Miss Ella in her super cute ensemble made from House of Liberty fabrics (I have a small addiction to these).

Would you like to see some more? Good, because I’ve got lots more! Here are a few featuring the beautiful nature around us:

Check out Ella looking all editorial in this shot! It’s as though she has grown up in front of the camera… oh wait, she has.

And here are a few of my girls being my girls. These are some shots that capture who they are at this point in their lives.

Chloe singing a song

Ella and her blanket Stinky

and Ella dragging Stinky with her wherever she goes

If I had to describe Chloe in one word, it would be sweet

And Ella's word? I'm torn between either smiley or sassy...

And there are just a few samples of our beautiful afternoon in the Valley. I will treasure these shots forever because I want to be able to remember them just as they are right now. Gary likes to remind me that some day they will be obnoxious teenagers… groan. Well, some day when they are, I will have these photos to look back on and to remember just how perfect they really are.


5 thoughts on “My Girls

  1. Nicole these photos are stunning! The girls are adorable and very photogenic. You should submit these photos to be used to advertise Peek….Aren’t you Curious clothing. You have a very bright future ahead of you:)

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