You’re King of the World!

Chloe is not big at eating at the table with everyone else. She takes a few bites of food, confidently states “I’m all done-d” and moseys off to do something more worthwhile. The other night during dinner Chloe raided the cupboard, the one full of her art projects and left over wrapping paper. She made quick work of a piece of blue tissue paper, wrapping it around her neck as though it were a cape. She began running around the house chanting “I’m King of the World!”. I thought it was only fitting the the King of the World have a crown, so I quickly fashioned one for her from a piece of silver tissue paper. And she ran round and round and round the house, cape rustling in the wake of her blistering speed. I asked her to stand still for a moment so I could take a picture of her royal highness. And then I asked her to pose. I said “Chloe, pose like you are King of the World!”. Would you like to see what the King of the World looks like?

Chloe, King of the World!


Chloe firmly planted her feet on the ground, thrust both of her fists in the air and then made the meanest mean face I have ever seen a three year old make. Dare I say she even puckered her lips! I don’t now about you, but I was scared of her. Well, the Hello Kitty t-shirt made it a little hard to be scared. That and the fact that she was wearing a cape and a crown made of tissue paper.

Anyhow, all the girls in the house got a chance to be King of the World. That’s right, I said King. Gary tried to correct Chloe and say “No, you are the queen!” but Chloe would have none of it. Gender clearly is a non-issue to her. Which made the little feminist in me proud. Anyhow, here is Ella in her crown (no cape for her):

Ella, King of the World!


And then it was my turn! I put on my crown and my cape and ran proudly around the house. Chloe trailed behind me in her feather boa proclaiming “Mommy! You are King of the World! You saved the world!”.

Mommy, King of the World!


It’s good to be King!


2 thoughts on “You’re King of the World!

  1. I LOVE IT!!! You are all amazing Kings of the World!! I hope to be a mommy, King of the World, just like you!!
    You r the bestest!!
    love you!!

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