Ella’s Half Birthday

Dear Ella,

Today you are a year and a half old. Which means that at this time eighteen months ago, you looked like this:

My baby


So sweet, so tiny, so utterly perfect in every way. It is hard to imagine that a year and a half has flown by so quickly. I have not been very good about documenting all of the little milestones (I was just a tiny bit better about with your sister), which I regret. So I will stop and tell you about a few of the cute little things that you are doing at this point in your life.

1) You call your sister “shee sha” which is not to be confused with “shee shuh” or pizza.

2) You like to count, but only from 3 to 9, and sometimes to 10. 

3) You can throw one epic tantrum, which could put even the most seasoned diva to shame.

4) You seem to love all creatures, including our wretched parrot Howard. Which concerns me that you may choose a career in veterinary medicine some day.

5) You are fiercely independent. 

6) You like to stack things. Blocks, soup cans… it doesn’t matter. And after you stack them, you like to put them away.

7) You walk with purpose and attitude while swinging just one arm. People stop me all the time to tell me how cute your walk is.

8) You call your blanket “stee-dee” or “Stinky” which is what your daddy named it. Because you like to stick your blanket in your mouth and chew on it. And it is really hard to get Stinky away from you long enough to wash it.

9) You love to dance, especially to the song from the end of each Dora episode… “we did it!”.

10) You smile, a lot. Which makes everyone around you smile.

Ella, I love you and you will always be my baby girl. I wish that I could stop time so I can appreciate all that you are, for even just a moment longer. And at the same time, I can’t wait to watch you grow into the amazing person you are destined to become. 

Happy Birthday!



The Birthday Girl


2 thoughts on “Ella’s Half Birthday

  1. She has the best smile! Makes me get all stupid teary thinking about has fast time is flying by… Thanks for making me remember to stop and enjoy it all 🙂

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