Dance Like No One is Watching

Remember what it was like to be three years old and to dream of being a ballerina? Okay, if you are a guy, you probably don’t remember that… and if you do, it’s okay. When I was a little girl, I loved to dress up in tutus and sequins and dance and sing… I still love to do those things, only it is not socially acceptable for a woman of my age to do so.

Which is why I has so much fun watching Harper a couple months back. You first met Harper when I blogged about her and her family here. I took almost a thousand photos that day (and I am not exaggerating!) and have had so much fun going through all of them. Some of my absolute favorites were taken during an impromptu one woman show, performed beautifully on the large granite rock in our backyard (who knew it doubles as a stage?).

It started off very innocently… I took a few pictures of the pensive Harper sitting on the rock, not knowing the spectacular performance she was about to begin.

The Prolouge


First, we must thank the costume designer for assembling such a dramatic ensemble. The zebra-print tank with pink giraffe ruffles, combined with the blue tutu screams STARLETT!!! Although Harper looked the part, she was a little shy at first:

Where shall I begin?


Not to worry, after a few warm-up moves, Harper was a-rockin’!

Here I go!





Not sure what this move is called, but I like it


I wish that my camera had video, because there was some fabulous singing involved. But since I don’t have video, here is a little montage of from the finale of Act I:

Applause, applause.... applause!


As you can see, Harper’s performance contained raw, unabashed emotion. After a brief intermission, Act II promptly began, complete with more singing… more dancing… more Harper!!! I just couldn’t get enough! I took a different seat for the second half, just to have a different perspective. 

A dramatic pause


Can I get some love from the back row?


A one, two, a one-two-three-four!


Harper’s moves were fierce! I think she has a future career on Broadway… don’t ya think?

Future Tony Award Winner


Each time I look through the one hundred-ish photos that I took during this impressive performance, I smile. And during those times when I am feeling a little down, I think about Harper’s production and it makes me happy. So thank you, little one, for being such an inspiration by just being you. And for reminding me to dance like no one is watching.

You go girl


2 thoughts on “Dance Like No One is Watching

  1. Thank you Nicole.

    This made my day, week, month! We all have such fond memories of our day with you and your family. The kids can’t wait to come back.

    My Baby-Girl makes me smile. You captured her essence. Someday, when (I hope) she has kids of her own, I hope she will allow them to be this free and uninhibited. It’s a gift, for sure.

    I always say that Harper dances like no one is watching (even though she does like an audience) and sings like no one can hear (or she doesn’t give a damn if they can).

    Little girls teach us that we should just BE who we are. Live life with joy. And DANCE our asses off! Oh, and a good TuTu never hurts, whenever possible.

    Thanks for this gift.


    • Nicole,
      Harper is precious gift and will always march to the beat of her own drum. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures of the ballerina in action. It brings back memories of my daughter, Erinn and how she seemed to “shine” when she was dancing….especially when she was on a “stage”.

      You have a gift for capturing what your heart sees.
      Thanks again,
      Jo Ann

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