Chloe’s Cow Art

It must be bovine appreciation week at pre-school, as today marks the second day that Chloe has brought home a cow art project. And her daddy is just beaming with pride. Monday, Chloe brought home her cow painting, which she quickly put away in the cupboard with all of her other paintings. But I thought it appropriate to hang on the refrigerator. With rumen magnets.

Cow portrait


God bless her teachers for being patient. I don’t know what they must think when they saw this cow-spider hybrid appear in their classroom. Eh, she’s three. So what if it is not anatomically correct? Her dad is a doctor for cows, so what better judge of anatomic correctness than him? If he had a spare frame handy, he would have framed it on the spot and hung it in his truck (his mobile office). I don’t think he has been more proud of his little girl than when she brought this painting home. 

Until tonight. When he came home and found Chloe’s latest art project sitting on the kitchen counter:

Chloe's cow sculpture


Her clay bovid sits upon marble feet, complete with macaroni horns perched proudly atop her misshapen head. And yes, that is a red barn and cow pasture backdrop made of cardboard. A frightening site to any innocent passerby. But not to her daddy. The moment Gary walked through the door tonight and saw the sculpture, he squealed with delight. It was the type of reaction I would expect from, well, me. Gary was so excited that he scooped up Chloe’s macabre creation and ran over to the couch where she was laying. “Chlo-belle! What did you make today?!?!?” Chloe’s reaction?



All that sculpting really pooped her out… Oh I wish I had my camera to capture the look of pure disappointment on Gary’s face that his daughter didn’t answer him. When I said “it’s a cow”, he looked at me with, dare I say, a pout and said “I wanted Chloe to tell me”.

Tomorrow I’ll be sure to have Chloe present her daddy the clay cow. I don’t know who will be more excited…


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