Ella’s “New” Rocking Chair

Gary’s mom gave Ella a new rocking chair. Well, it’s not really new. In fact, it is almost 100 years old. The rocking chair belonged to her aunt Doris… does that make her Ella’s great aunt? Whatever the relation, it is really cool. It is painted red, which grandma thought would go great in Ella’s room (with it’s red accents). Grandma even custom made a cushion from fabric left over from Ella’s drapes. Would you like to see Ella’s antique?

Here it is:

Ella's rocking chair


With custom cushion


Cushion close-up


Gary’s mom wanted to have the chair repainted. But I love it just the way that it is, with it’s chips and tiny imperfections that shows how loved it has been.

Back of the chair


Chair legs


Under the seat of the chair is Aunt Doris’s initials

Carved initials and a note


Grandma hand wrote a note and stuck it to the bottom of the chair so that we can always remember where it came from. And hopefully Ella will pass it down to the next generation.

Grandma's note, in her distinctive handwriting


I tried to get Miss Ella D to model in her chair. That was not easy:

The reluctant model


Ella and her rocking chair


Thank you grandma for the charming rocking chair. I’m sure, one day, Ella will love it as much as Aunt Doris did.


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