Oh, Yosemite

I’m a wee bit sad this evening. You see, every year that Gary and I have been together, we have made our annual pilgrimage to Yosemite. Usually sometime in the winter or early spring, when there is snow on the ground and a lack of tourists. It is our special place. It is where we were engaged, and where we would have gotten married if we wouldn’t have felt so badly about making 250 people drive there. And it has become even more special now that we have children. Chloe has been to Yosemite three times and Ella two, if you count the year that she was in-utero. But not this year. Somehow it slipped away from us…

So rather than lament about how disappointed I am that we are not upholding the McArthur Family Tradition, I am going to re-celebrate our visit from last year. Would you like to join me on my trip down memory lane?

We will start with our first night there. We usually eat in the dining room, but the thought of taking two small children there was frightening. So we ordered in and ate on the floor of our room. 

The carpet picnic


It is really funny to look at this because Ella is laying down. It is hard to believe that girl was ever not able to run around at the speed of sound. Ella was 5 months old and I needed to take her portrait for her 12 month frame at home. Here she is, looking very official:

Five Months


Oh how this photo makes my heart smile. Again, difficult to imagine her non-ambulatory.

The next day we wandered about the valley, all bundled up to keep warm. Ella in her Ralph Lauren bunting (thanks for the gift, Gracie and Rosanna), Chloe in her new fleece hat (which she hated):

Snug as a bug in a bunting


Chloe and her evil fleece hat


Here’s Chloe and her daddy. Ever wonder where she gets her personality from?

Chloe aka Gary Jr Jr


During this trip, I was getting pretty serious into photography. Gary was kind enough to watch the girls so I could go and play with my camera. I spent endless hours in the snow, trying to get some photos for a class that I was taking. Here is my favorite:

Yosemite Falls at Twilight


And as much as I love that shot of the Falls, this is still, and always will be, my favorite shot from Yosemite:

The McArthur Family


I hope to repeat this shot every year, a sort benchmark for us as a family. I don’t know if we will make it this year, but I sure hope so…


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