Blockhead’s Family Photo

If you follow my blog, you know that I am hugely fond of my dear friends Mel and JT. Their most handsome son, Gage, is Ella’s husband. Well, not officially… yet. 

Anyhow, JT’s sister, Valli, and her two kids are visiting this weekend from Southern California (Grandma is also in town). Mel asked if I would take some family photos as they don’t have much more than some casual shots taken with a point and shoot camera. Of course I said yes. I owe Mel and JT photos for life because a) they are awesome b) they were my first photo shoot ever and c) JT put Pinecone back together. And then Mel goes and tells me that Valli’s husband is serving in Iraq. Oh, goodness… talk about turning on my waterworks! While I am not vocal about it, I am hugely patriotic. I have tremendous respect for our men and women in uniform, my husband included (go Old Ironsides). To photograph this family today was amazing beyond words. Because I know that it will be appreciated by a daddy who is another world away. So Blockhead, if you are able to read this in Iraq, I was proud to meet your family today. They are beautiful inside and out and are such a joy to be around. I hope that the next couple of months go quickly so you you may be reunited with your family soon.

Without further adieu, here are Valli, Battle and Harper:

Battle and his worm


I will never understand boys and their worms. Battle managed to find this fat little fellow in the sand. Boys, boys, boys… And for as much as Battle is a boy, his sister Harper is a girl, girl, girl:

Princess Harper


Harper loves to play in dress up clothes. She was not inside our door more than 2 minutes before she stripped down to her undies and put on the first princess ensemble she laid eyes on. 

After some playing around inside, we moved to our backyard as the weather today was outstanding. I was able to catch a few shots of Valli playing with each of her kids. First, here she is with Harper, playing in the girls’ clubhouse:



OMG, how cute are they? Isn’t Valli gorgeous? No wonder Blockhead told Valli that she needs to send some pictures with her in it! And speaking of gorgeous, look at Miss Thang snuggling with Battle on our big rock:



After the kids ran the batteries out on the Barbie Jeep, we went for a walk to Oak Lake to play at the park. We stopped along the way to get a photo of the three together:

Blockhead's Beautiful Family


I have so, so, so many more photographs from today, and I wish that I could put them all up right now for you to see, Valli. I promise to get through with them as quickly as possible. Certainly before Blockhead gets home… And perhaps when Blockhead returns, we can all get together for a real family portrait.

Valli, Battle and Harper, have a great time in the snow tomorrow – I hope we didn’t tire you out too much today.

To Chris, be safe. And thank you.


7 thoughts on “Blockhead’s Family Photo

  1. Nickie,
    Can’t thank you enough for the beautiful pictures you took of my family and taking time to post them on your website.

    As Marines, we tend to pride ourselves on being mentally and emotionally tough. Kind of a prerequisite in our line of work…but you “got me”. The way you captured on film my beautiful kids and gourgeous wife had/has me welling up…good thing I have me own quarters here in Iraq, LtCol’s don’t like to have their Marines see them cry.

    I look forward to meeting you and your family upon our return. I’m sure we will paying JT, Mel, and Gage a visit to test our their new pool…and tdrink some of JT’s wine!

    I can’t thank you enough.
    Semper Fi
    Chris Gideons
    LtCol, USMC
    Ninewa Province, Iraq

  2. What a beautiful Valentine present for Chris and his family. Since we – Chris’s dad, Heinrich and I – live in VA, we don’t get to see them often and pictures mean so much to us. I too am sitting here with tears in my eyes knowing how much those pictures mean to them now and will mean to them 20 years from now. Thank you so much for taking them and sharing them with us.
    Omi Jo

  3. My husband and I live next door to Jo Ann and Rick. Jo Ann email me this and I am so glad she did. The Children are so cute and nice looking like their parents. Valli is as beautiful as she was when we first met her. Thank you for taking the pictures they are wonderful. If you read this Chris we are thinking about you and thank you for all that you and your Marines do for us.
    Bev and Gail Butler
    Powhatan, VA

  4. Everyone: What a treat to see these beautiful pix. The last time I saw Valli she was pregnant with Harper — Chris, you have a beautiful family and I know they are so proud of you. So are Pat and I and we wish you well and safe return home.
    With love, thanks and prayers.

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