Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek on 2 levels. First level: some of the photos you are about to see will be featured in my new website, which hopefully will launch within the next month. Second, and most important, level: this is a sneak peek for the family of some adorable little chitlins I had the pleasure of spending today with. My friend Nicole asked if I could photograph her brand new niece, who was born last week. I was so excited I could hardly see straight! In addition to the beautiful baby Abby, I was able to photograph her brother and her cousin (Nicole’s daughter). OMG, I had SO MUCH FUN!!! Do I sound like a giddy little school girl or what? 

I took a gazillion photos today (I’m only slightly exaggerating) and I could not wait to start to go through all of them. Here are a few of my favorites from today.

First and foremost, meet the beautiful newborn Abigail:



I forgot about how sleepy these little babies are. And how they have happy little dreams of milk and more milk:

Booby dreams


Barely a week old and the little girl is smiling already. Oh my, she is going to have daddy wrapped around her finger! Speaking of wrapping someone around her finger, check out big brother giving his sister some love:



Oh my goodness, these two are so sweet together. Big brother Jack is just the most gentle little soul with his baby sister – I pity the fool who ever picks on Abby because big brother will most certainly be her protector. And holy cow… big brother is a handsome little man! I don’t photograph boys very often, and I was beyond thrilled to chase this cutie patootie around. He didn’t really give me the time of day and we had to resort to bribery in the form of cupcakes. Thank goodness for the cupcakes because my life would not be complete without these photos:

Big Brother Jack


Chillin' like a villain


Is this a good looking family or what? And so super sweet! The entire time we were photographing the newest member of the family, Jack and his cousin Kezia were playing with each other, having the best time. They are so lucky to be able to grow up with each other. I wish my girls were able to see their cousins regularly… oh, sigh. Would you like to meet the adorable cousin Kezia?

Love her!


Isn’t she beautiful? Of course her blonde hair and blue eyes are beautiful… but check out those cheeks! I just want to squeeze them they are so ridiculously cute! And a word of advice for everyone out there: look out because this little lady here will someday be ruler of the free world. Hilary and Sarah could use a few pointers from Miss Kezia.

One of the things that I just love about photographing babies and families is that I get to be a tiny part of their world for a few hours. And it is so super cool to see how each family has traditions unique to them. This family, for instance, has a few heirlooms that I was so happy to photograph. The first is the “baby ring”. This ring belonged to Abby’s father when he was a baby – isn’t it beautiful?

Baby's ring


It was just a tad difficult to get the ring on to little Abigail’s finger – babies love to clench their tiny little fists. After we were able to pry her hand open and place the ring on her finger, there was a distinct fear that it would fall off and become a choking hazard. No need to worry, there were plenty of adults on hand to monitor the whereabouts of the ring. Here is the tiny little heirloom on baby Abby:

Abby and her baby ring


There were also several handmade quilts that are a part of this family… one made just for Abby, one that belonged to Abby’s father when he was a baby. But the one that really made me swoon was a quilt sewn by Abby’s great(?) grandmother. I apologize if I have the incorrect quilter – I was so mesmerized by this vintage quilt that somehow the identity of it’s maker eludes me. I have several photos of the quilt itself, but here is one with baby Abby laying on the heirloom with her eyes wide open.

Abby and her vintage quilt


Nicole, thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your extended family today. It was such a pleasure and an honor to capture these wonderful children at such an amazing stage of their lives. Each day I am reminded of how fast time passes and how quickly our children grow. And how important it is to stop and enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. WOW – Nicole these pictures are awesome. I love the one of big brother Jack. Can’t wait to see your website when it is up and running.

    You’re a rock star!

  2. Love these pics!!! Zia is freakin’ adorable, as always!! Abby is gorgeous as is big brother Jack!! Can’t wait for your website to be up!
    You Rock!!
    I told Matt that I want you to always be our photographer!!
    Love you!

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