My New Love

Actually, it is my new obsession. Perhaps it qualifies as an addiction. Whatever you call it, I cannot live without them.

I discovered these incredible cupcakes on Sunday at a birthday party. I asked the hostess where she purchased these little morsels from heaven and she told me about a bakery called Icing on the Cupcake in Rocklin. Turns out it is right around the corner from the animal hospital that I work at on Mondays. Fortunately for me, I would be able to go there on my lunch break the very next day!

I arrived at the bakery and was so excited by just how cute it is!!! It has got this sweet, retro vibe… all pink and brown. And the girls who work there are soooooo nice! There were dozens of adorable and yummy cupcakes for me to try. I couldn’t decide which flavor to try, so I bought twelve. My plan was to take them to work with me to give to my staff members. And if I had a couple, well, that would be okay.

Look at the box that my cupcakes came in:

Icing on the Cupcake


And look at the cute little sticker inside the box:

Hey there yourself!


When I saw this sticker, it just made me smile. But not as much as these made me smile:

Heaven on Earth


There were all sorts of delicious flavors in there: pinkalicous, orange, mint chocolate, blueberry, red velvet… They have special flavors each day – I can’t wait to try the PB and J, offered on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I have had Icing on the Cupcake three days this week. I am thinking that I will apply for a job there so that I can eat cupcakes every day. In fact, I think I will ask to be paid in cupcakes.

If you haven’t been, you must stop by Icing on the Cupcake on Pacific in Rocklin. I’ll probably see you there!


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