Battle Royale

I should start this post by apologizing to my sister, Christina. She is my younger sister, whom I adore. But as kids, I think I was a little mean to her. And I don’t think I really realized it until I watched my girls today…

Chloe received her first music box for Christmas this year, and it sits on her dresser. She doesn’t know how to wind it up by herself, but she just loves to watch the ballerina dance. She put it on the floor this afternoon to play with it and her little sister was very curious. Fortunately, I had my camera handy to capture the big sister vs. little sister action.

Big sister and her music box


Little sister coveting the music box


Little sister attempting to play with music box


Big sister showing little sister who is boss


Little sister not happy about her place in the pecking order


By this point, I started to feel really bad for Ella. Chloe was not playing the sharing game and Ella was obviously upset. As if sensing my disappointment in her selfish, big sister ways, Chloe decided to play nice:

An olive branch "here dih-ders..."


Big sister sharing with little sister


She showed Ella the little ballerina, which made Ella very happy. But it was short lived:

She giveth and she taketh away


If you know my sassy little Ella, you know that she didn’t let her big sister get away with being a bully:

Laying the smack down on big sister


It was at this point I had to put the camera down and act as referee in the Battle Royale.

So Christina, I apologize to you for being a mean big sister, for all of the crap that I gave you when we were little girls. At least you were scrappy, like my girl Ella, and rarely let me get away with it.


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