Pig in Slop 2.0

I wish this installment of Pig in Slop involved food, but it doesn’t. Unfortunately, it involves the piggie’s favorite medium: mud.

The recent storms have caused a veritable swine heaven. We released the girls to the outdoors between rain showers, hoping they would enjoy a little fresh air. Ella enjoyed far more than that. What started out as an innocent foot stomping in puddles quickly escalated to a full-on romp in the mud. Take a look:

Oops. my pants are muddy


And her boots, and her jacket… But look at the happiness on her face. Happy as a pig in slop.

A different perspective


Ella managed to get mud on her hands. And on her diaper. And inside her boots. She would have stayed outside all day long had we let her. Right after I took this shot, I ran inside and turned on the water for the tub. Ella was not happy about being plucked from her slop. But once she heard the running water of the bath tub, all was right with the world.


2 thoughts on “Pig in Slop 2.0

  1. Ella and Luke would have SO much fun together. He LOVES puddles, water, and mud. Hopefully we can get them together sometime soon.

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