Word to My Mother

Just a little shout out to my mom, who did a very nice thing for me this week.

This past Tuesday morning, I was sitting in a dentist’s chair, having myself a lovely time with a gingival graft. I could hear my cell phone vibrating away, which is highly unusual because nobody ever calls me (which is okay because I am not a phone person). I ignored it because, really, what was I going to do? Jump out of the chair with my gums literally flapping in the wind?

When the bloodshed was over (really, it wasn’t that bad) I listened to my messages and there was one from a very nice woman from Edible Arrangements. She said that she had left an arrangement on my front door step and to call her if there were any problems. I thought to myself “that’s cool!”. The only problem was that my mouth was numb and pretty much the equivalent of hamburger. But I was sure I would be able to enjoy it the next day.

I got home and found the lovely arrangement with a note saying “Hope you are feeling better. Love, Mom and Dad”. I called my mom to thank her and told it was really nice of her to send me a gift after having a gingival graft. She didn’t realize I was having oral surgery that day… she sent it because she thought I could use a little pick-me-up after reading my blog post about the Curse.

And pick-me-up it did. But perhaps more than me, the girls really enjoyed it! Have a look:

The gorgeous and equally delicious arrangement


A close up


Ella's high chair tray


Ella did not enjoy the pineapple all that much. She liked the strawberries, but the grapes were her favorite:

Yummy grapes


She popped them in her mouth, one by one. She bit them in half and most wound up on her shirt. Chloe, on the other hand, devoured the strawberries:

Yummy yummy strawberries!


I wanted her to try some of the other fruit, but she just wasn’t going for it. I asked her if she wanted cantaloupe: No mommy. I asked her if she wanted honeydew: No mommy, I don’t want Superhoney. She stuck to strawberries, Ella the grapes. Which meant fortunately for me, I was able to keep all of the chocolate covered strawberries to myself!

So thank you mom and dad for the lovely arrangement – we have all enjoyed it immensely this week! It certainly lifted my spirits and left my tummy nice and happy.

And on a positive note, I finally had a great day at work today. I did a C-section on a little dog where both mom and the puppy did well. Perhaps it was all the good juju in the fruit arrangement…

Oh, mom… just in case you were wondering about the title of this post; it is a reference to a song from the eighties or nineties. I believe it was “Funky Cold Medina” by Ton Loc where he says “word to your mutha”. If I’m wrong, please let me know…


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