Chloe and Howard

Chloe is my 3 year old, Howard is my husband’s parrot. He is an African Grey, which is short for loud-mouthed-pain-in-the-you-know-what. I don’t claim him. I don’t even like him. But I cohabitate  with him because Gary loves him.

As much as I despise this bird, he sometimes says things that make me laugh. Take for instance the conversation that just occurred between him and Chloe. Yes, they talk to each other. And may I set the scene for you: Howard is in his cage and Chloe is in the bath tub, halfway across the house (and I am in the bathroom in case you were wondering who is monitoring my little fish).

Howard: CHLOE!!!!

Chloe: Howard, we are taking a bath.

Howard: Okay.

And there you have it.


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I have always been a crammer. Never able to plan ahead or stay organized, I wait until the last possible second to finish something. Which unfortunately seems to have carried over in to the holiday season. Today is December 20th, five days before Christmas. Our tree has been up since Tuesday, but I only got around to decorating it today. Which isn’t too bad, I suppose. At least it isn’t Christmas Eve.

The girls were quite helpful in dressing the tree this year. Take a look:

Chloe's Favorite Ornament


She carried this rotund Santa around half the morning, saying “mommy, I just love it!”. It is now Chloe’s ornament.

Ella and her garland


Ella found the little red beads super exciting. She flung them around the floor, tying them in to knots that took about an hour to undo. 

Yummy garland


Apparently the beads taste good, too. At least they are helping soothe the two little teeth that are coming in.

View from the step ladder

View from the step ladder


Chloe did all that she could to get on the step ladder. I did all that I could to keep her off.

Each girl was kind enough to pose in front of the tree for me. Ella was a bit difficult to catch as she had bigger and better things to do.

Ella D


C. Belle


I’d like to take a moment to extol the virtues of shatterless Christmas ornaments. Without these, my dustbuster would be overheating and my girls feet would be shredded to bits. Speaking of the ornaments, the girls had a great time putting them in a bucket. Perfect opportunity to bust out the Lensbaby:



More Lensbaby fun


Santa, Lensbaby style


Chloe hanging some ornaments


The finished product


As you can see, we had some fun putting the tree together today. Even the dogs enjoyed themselves, watching the shenanigans from the comfort of their dog bed in front of the fireplace. I am just so happy that Gary splurged on an actual tree this year, instead of his usual Charlie Brown reject tree from the back of the lot. Thanks boyfriend for finally doing a respectable job in tree selection!

I must admit, I have been afflicted with some serious Christmas cheer this year. Gary has, too. And like my friend Mel, I have enjoyed seeing Christmas through my girls’ eyes. The joy, the wonder and the sweet innocence that fills their little hearts. 

I know that I am five days early in saying this, but I just can’t help myself:


I am officially “branded”

Today is a big day for me: I have been officially branded! I must admit that I was quite terrified of the whole process. I mean, the term “branding” brings to mind a hot iron, some cow hide and lots of bellowing… sorry, I can’t escape my bovine roots. After much consideration, I have selected my official logo, designed by a childhood friend, Christina Blankenship.

Without further adieu, here is my brand spankin’ new logo:


I just love, love, love it!!! The font is so clean and simple and breezy and happy. And how cute is the little flower? The silhouette is from a flower on my charm bracelet (given to me by my mother-in-law). The color is super cool, so nice and fresh. I couldn’t be happier right now.

So there it is. My big, giant step in the direction towards becoming a full fledged photographer. Perhaps you will hire me some day?

Next step… stationery.

Happy Birthday Chloe

Chloe’s third birthday was last week… I am such a slacker that it has taken me this long to write about it. Chloe turned 3 years old one week ago, with little-to-no fanfare. Poor girl got the shaft. Ella was sick, I was sick, daddy was working… fortunately Chloe is highly self-entertaining and managed to keep herself happy throughout the day. 

We had a small get together in Chloe’s honor on Saturday night: Grandma, Grandpa and a few close friends. Chloe received some wonderful gifts that she has not put down – garden tools from the grandparents, a doll house from Avery, as well as a Barbie doll (her first) and a Polly Pocket doll from Sydney and Shelby. We had some pizza, some cake, lots of laughs and good times.

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl


Waiting patiently for cake


Coveting the cake, sneaking some frosting


Happy Birthday Chloe Belle. Happy Birthday to You!