Why I am glad I have girls

In one word… worms.

I had a quick visit with my sister, my favorite brother-in-law (next to you, John) and my nephew. Luke is a really great kid, so bright, so cute, so funny. But he has one flaw. He likes worms. A lot. He hunts around the ground and finds nice, fat, slimy worms.

0051_Luke's Route

Bonus! Two worms.

My sister is far more brave than I could ever be. She holds the wiggly creatures in her hand.

0056_Luke's Route

Here mommy

Yup. I’m just not that brave. Or cool. And I really was not all that amused when Luke chased me around with a worm.

0103_Luke's Route

Icky boy

Luke was quite proud of himself, making his auntie squeal like, well, a little girl.

0245_Luke's Route

Icky boy close-up

He may be cute, but he likes worms.

I’ll stick to girls. They find worms as yucky as I do.


2 thoughts on “Why I am glad I have girls

  1. LOVE my sweet, handsome, worm farmer of a son. We had a big slug walk today, found 15 BIG slugs. And yes I had the pleasure of holding most of them:) You would have loved it.
    Great pictures. Thank you for taking time to see us and photograph us.

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