4 Girls and a Farm

I posted a photo last week of Chloe playing with 4 girls who look like they could be her long lost sisters. I had so much fun photographing the 4 sisters that I couldn’t wait to play with all of the pictures. So without further adieu, here are some of my faves from our trip last week. I’ll start with playtime out in the alfalfa field behind their house.

4 Sisters in an alfalfa field

4 Sisters in an alfalfa field

It wasn’t easy to get all 4 of them in one spot for very long. But with some coaxing and promises of ice cream, all 4 girls managed to not only stand in one spot, but look at the camera at the same time!  Do you want to know why it was such a monumental task? Because the girls would have much rather been doing this:

Dyt Girls-0410


Dyt Girls-0412

...and running

Here are a few photos of the girls individually. They are all such beautiful young ladies!

Dyt Girls - card 2-0067

Big sister Callista

Dyt Girls - card 2-0106

Second sister Doreen

Dyt Girls-0305

Third sister LB

Dyt Girls - card 2-0030

The baby girl

Here are a few more shots of the girls in action, doing what they do when they don’t know the camera is looking:

Dyt Girls-0450

Big sister

Dyt Girls-0516

Doreen looking for butterflies

Dyt Girls - card 2-0089

LB on the swing

Dyt Girls-0455

Baby girl on the hill

I have about 100 other pictures that I would just love to post… these girls are so photogenic and so much fun! But I will end my post with a funny photo of the 4 sisters playing with Chloe. I can hear them all giggling right now:

Dyt Girls-0586

Good girl times

Thank you again Callista, Doreen, Ellie and Anneke for being such great models and for being Chloe’s big sisters. We had so much fun and we’d love to do it again anytime!

Dyt Girls - card 2-0122


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