Gross, but cool

I saw this laying on my deck the other day. My reactions were the following: EEEEEEEEK!!! That is SOOOOO gross! Wait… it’s kinda cool. I’d better grab my camera.

Here is what I saw:

Lizard skin

Lizard skin

Initially, I thought this was a lizard that my Boston Terrier had tortured and killed. When I went to pick it up and dispose of it’s little remains, I realized that this was just the shed of a lizard. And it appeared to be intact… the whole thing from nose to tail.

Lizard shed... the hind legs

Lizard shed... the hind legs

I’m talkin’ all the way down to it’s tiny little toes.

See the eyes?

See the eyes?

There are even holes from the eyes… freaky, huh? I knew that lizards shed their skins, but I had no idea they could do it in one entire piece. Yes, I realize that I am a veterinarian and I should know these things. But reptiles gross me out. The only reason I got so close to this was because it was just the shell of a reptile. Had this been a little carcass, I would have run off screaming like my 2 year old daughter.

Good thing it blew away before Gary got home to see it… he probably would have put it on my dinner plate or left it on my pillow. And I am just not man enough to handle that.


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