I want to color

Chloe has been REALLY into coloring books lately. Mostly she just scribbles in the book, but I love it because a) she is actually sitting still for more than 30 seconds and b) it has been a great way for her to learn her colors.

Yesterday, Chloe pulled this page out of her coloring book and handed it to me “mommy, this is for you”. She was very proud of her art:

I color!

I color!

Normally, my OCD would get the best of me and I would not be able to look at a picture where there was color outside the lines. But seeing as though Chloe is 2, I figured I would let it slide.

I must admit that I did become a little misty when Chloe gave this to me. I’m not quite sure why, but I did. So I hung it on the fridge, like any proud mama would. And now, I’m writing a blog about it, like any 21st century mom-with-a-blog would.

I had best get back to Chloe and her crayons, before she decides that the screen on the LCD TV will become her next canvas…


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