These live in my barn. I’m not kidding. Somebody actually hung a wooden box in our barn for these creatures to live.





I almost puked while trying to photograph, then later edit this. I know that I should love all creatures, great and small… tis the curse of the veterinarian. But really, these are just plain icky. 

When Gary discovered them, I pleaded that he relocate them. Not kill, or maim, just move them somewhere else. He did a little research (such a good veterinarian) and discovered that these are fruit bats and they eat flies and mosquitos. They do not, much as I would have thunk, feed on human blood in the dark of night. Gary decided that these bats can stay. 

That’s fine. And the barn has been renamed. What was once the man cave is now officially the bat cave. 

Party on bats. I’ll be inside, in the no bat zone.


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