Ella’s Sweater

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but in 6 short weeks, Ella will be turning one. My baby will be one year old… holy cow! To commemorate her birthday, we will be having family portraits taken. I am so super excited because Jo Ann Manolis will be photographing our family. She is an amazing photographer that I simply, purely and wholeheartedly ADORE! I would be counting down the days to our shoot if it didn’t mean that my baby was no longer going to be a baby.

Jo Ann shoots for my favorite children’s clothing store, Peek… Aren’t You Curious. In fact, that is how I found Jo Ann. I’m pretty sure that I will be dressing my girls in something purchased from Peek, but I don’t want Jo Ann to be bored and think “I have looked at hundreds of shots of this exact same dress”. So I have dusted off my knitting needles and started knitting Ella a sweater that would compliment a Peek ensemble. With only 6 weeks, I will be knitting at a fast and furious pace. I’m off to a good start:

The Yarn

The Yarn

This is a GORGEOUS cashmere merino blend from Debbie Bliss. LOVE IT! 

On My Needles

On My Needles

The pattern is actually quite simple (thus far), alternating rows of a tiny diamond pattern, which I will sew a crystal bead to the center of each. I am actually thinking of enlisting my mother-in-law to complete that task, as she is a master seamstress. It is actually quite fun to work on a project together.

A Work in Progress

A Work in Progress

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some knittin’ to do.


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