My New Lens

After several months of coveting, I have finally broken down and purchased myself a macro lens. I have wanted this lens for so long… I have practically dehydrated from drooling so much. It arrived on Friday, but I wasn’t able to play with it until yesterday (since I was at work all weekend, earning money to pay for my lens). This lens can take extreme close-up photographs and show super amounts of detail. And the other cool thing about it is that I can also take normal shots, too! I know I’m not very good at explaining things, so let me show you what I mean.

Here is a portrait of Gary’s old dog Tank. It was painted by an amazing artist named Kathryn Wronski, who does beautiful oil paintings of pets. So here is a look at Tank:


Tank Dog

Kathryn did an phenomenal job, didn’t she? I just love this painting…

To test out the macro aspect of this lens, I thought I would focus on a part of the painting and get as close as I could. I focused on a little blob of paint that I have always found amusing. Can you see it? Here it is, a little closer:


Can you see it yet? How about all of the brush strokes? Isn’t it cool? Well, here it is a little closer:


Can you see the paint blob now? But look, see the texture of the canvas underneath the paint? I wanted to see if I could get even closer:


Had I put my camera on a tripod, I would have a sharper photo. But I was too excited to stop taking photos long enough to go and grab the tripod. If the photo was a little sharper, you would be able to see the little air bubble in the blob of paint. But you can see the little shadow cast underneath the blob – see it? Isn’t that cool? I’m so excited!!!

I can’t wait to use this new lens on all sorts of stuff, like little bitty newborn baby feet and toes and lips and eyes and ears… almost makes me want to have a new baby just to play with the lens.

Perhaps not. I’ll just have to go find me some babies. Any volunteers?


2 thoughts on “My New Lens

  1. So happy for you! Glad to see you are enjoying your new passion so much. Hopefully you can get some pictures of Luke:)

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