Gary’s Bloody Mary

Every few years, Gary gets totally into a new drink. Beer will always be his true love, but once in a blue moon, he becomes obsessed with some libation. Three years ago, it was the Martini. And for that year, every gift he received involved some sort of martini-related paraphernalia: shakers, fancy glasses, and even a bottle of gin wrapped in a diaper (a baby shower gift courtesy of his friend Arlin).

And now, it is the Bloody Mary. Gary was re-introduced to this concoction during our camping trip a few weeks ago. Gary has taken his Blood Mary preparation very seriously, adding all sorts of pickled vegetables stuck on skewers. The other day, he was so proud of his beverage that he asked me to photograph it. Being obsessed with photography, I was all too happy to oblige. And I couldn’t stop at just one shot… I had to take 50 from all different angles using all different exposures. Gary started getting mad at me because I was taking so long. In fact, he almost made himself another drink because he was tired of waiting. Alas, I finished my mini shoot and reunited him with the Mother of all Bloody Marys.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of his drink:

Dirty, back alley Bloody Mary

Dirty, back alley Bloody Mary

Gary wanted to be sure that I showcased the pickled green bean present in his drink. I like the condensation that was forming on the glass.

Miami-esque Bloody Mary

Miami-esque Bloody Mary

 I shouldn’t have used the girls’ pink patio table to set the drink upon, but I thought it gives the photo a little something, don’t you think?

Sunny, Backlit Martini

Sunny, Backlit Bloody Mary

I am totally into flare lately. Not sure why, I just seem to love it. And because I can’t get enough, here is another shot using said flare:

More Martini with Flare

More Martini with Flare

I had to compose this shot in this manner because while I was shooting this particular picture, Gary was telling me about (brace for the long-winded connection here) his client, whose wife is into photography. Apparently, while checking bulls, they began discussing how their wives have gone off the deep end into this little hobby of photography. Gary’s client mentioned something about “the rule of thirds”. Gary said “huh?” to which his client replied “you don’t know about the rule of thirds?”. Well, here you go Gary. Here is your Bloody Mary demonstrating the Rule of Thirds. Anyone confused? I’d explain it, but I am too confused myself right now. Besides, I’m just to enamored with our new DG pathway in the background to focus on anything else. Doesn’t it look great against the spankin’ new grass?

Anyhow, that is all for now. And while it seems appropriate to go and drink a Bloody Mary right now, I think I will settle for some nice, plain, boring water.


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