Ring a Ding Ding

For our wedding, Gary and I gave cow bells as gifts to our guests. I know that may seem weird, but it made perfect sense 8 years ago when we were married. You see, Gary is a cow vet. And in 2001, I was a freshly minted cow vet myself. In fact, I was 3 weeks in to dairy practice on our wedding day. I had even performed my very first solo fetotomy (if you don’t know what that is, don’t ask because you will be disgusted) 2 days before our wedding day. That lovely procedure, which took me 3 1/2 hours, left me with a raging case of pit rash. Not exactly how I dreamed myself to look in my wedding gown, but hey, that is life when you work on cows.

I don’t work on cows anymore… that was a lifetime ago. But we still have a set of cow bells from our wedding, which I just put out the other day. I found them while unpacking some boxes, and I though it fitting to place them next to a framed portrait of Gary and myself. 

Here is a look at one of the bells:


The McArthur Cow Bell

The McArthur Cow Bell

Pretty cool, eh? It has our names and our wedding date engraved on it (that way we can’t forget our anniversary). Except for a short stint of Kings playoff games several years ago, the bells have been very quiet.

Until today when Chloe found them. And I realized that these engraved bells are more than just party favors, they are children’s entertainment devices. Take a look:


Chloe and the big bell

Chloe and the big bell

Here’s Chloe with the big cow bell that we received as a “thank you” for our order of 300 engraved sheep-sized bells. In case you were wondering, it is very loud. Which made Chloe giggle almost as loudly. She rattled this bell up and down and all around. She chased our cat Milo with it, which nearly gave him a heart attack. Then she chased her doggie Percy. He was not amused. In fact, at this point, I had to take the bell away from her as I was afraid Percy might unleash his wrath upon her.

But Chloe wasn’t the only one having fun with the cow bells. Ella joined in the fun as well.


Wow, this is amazing!

Wow, this is amazing!

Here is Ella inspecting her new noise maker. I can only imagine her 9 month old thought process with this: I move my hand and this big shiny thing makes noise. Wow! 

And did you know that the bell has yet another function? It makes a nice soothing apparatus for teething babies. 






I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get this piece of metal away from Ella! Every time that she dropped it on the floor, she burst into a fit of screams and tears until I picked it up and gave it back to her. 

Poor Gary happened to call during the height of our bell ringing extravaganza. It was pretty difficult to carry on a conversation during all of the clanging and laughing and screaming and crying. I wished that he was here to enjoy with us. Alas, he was out working on cows.

So here is one last look at our bell and our little girl’s feet:


Bell and feet

Nicole and Gary July 7 2001

Ring a ding ding!


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