We have celebrated several milestones this week!

First, Gary and I had our 8 year wedding anniversary…and we even celebrated it! 

Second, Chloe has successfully begun potty training:

Chloe's tidy whities

Chloe's tidy whities

I can think of a few things I would rather be doing, such as inserting burning pokers into my eyes or listening to someone run their nails down a chalkboard. It really has not been fun running her to the potty every 30 minutes, or cleaning out that nasty little plastic latrine that she goes in. But it has provided me with some laughs and photos that will certainly be the subject of a future post.

And finally, Ella sprouted her first tooth! Just one.

Ella's tooth, almost

Ella's tooth, almost

She will hardly let me look at it, let alone go near her with a camera. It is her lower left incisor that has broken through. I think that babies usually cut both lower incisors at the same time, but not Ella. She is taking her own, sweet time with the whole teething thing, kind of like slowly and painfully peeling off a band aid. Thank goodness for Tylenol!

With that, I am off to bed. This has been a busy week…I can’t wait to see what next week will bring!


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