Robin and Bobalu

I work with a great technician named Robin. She is unlike any person that I have met before and sometimes I suspect that she is from another planet. Perhaps it is because her pseudonym is Earthling4Now. She has taught me about things that I never knew existed, like living in a geodesic dome and playing fire soccer. She is so much fun and is a total trip to the suburbanite that is me.

One of the things that I admire most about Robin is her genuine love for animals. All animals, not just the cute and fuzzy ones. She has an old man of a dog named Bobalu, or Bob for short. They have been together FOREVER. Bob is entering into the sunset of his life, where things are starting to slow down and not working as well as they should.

Robin knows that I am into photography and she asked that I take some portraits of her and Bob, before he gets too old, before he “transcends”. I was so honored to do so! Bob is such a handsome subject – take a look:



Robin has great light in her apartment. It is really warm and beautiful, and I just loved the way that it fell on Bob’s face in this picture.



Robin was trying to get Bob’s attention with one of his treats. I love the expression on his face – that is one food motivated puppy!


Say cheese

Awwww, he’s smiling.


Angelic Bobalu

This is my favorite shot from the entire day. There is that great light which makes Bob look so warm and angelic. I showed this photo to Robin and she said “he looks like he’s glowing!”. I think it looks like he is wearing a halo.

After we spent some time taking photos of Bob at home, we ventured out to Capitol Park, which is just a few blocks from Robin’s place. We had fun with some poses and just walking around doing their thing.


Out for a walk

Quick snuggle break

Quick snuggle break


Posing on the lawn

Under the Cherry Tree

Under the Cherry Tree

After our walk around the park, we stopped back at the apartment for a few more shots before I had to go…


Strike a pose

I am really into the whole weathered brick and thought this would be a great backdrop for some shots.


Last shot of the day

This shot cracks me up because they are looking in the same direction have the same expression on their faces. I just love these two!

Thank you Robin for letting me hang out with you and Bobalu for a few hours. I so enjoyed being a part of your world and hope that I can come back to visit again.


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