Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July and Happy Birthday to my dad!

Chloe and Ella’s babysitter made them the cutest little outfits for the Fourth – I just had to get some pictures!

Happy Fourth from Chloe!

Happy Fourth from Chloe!

Here is Chloe in her adorable shirt! It is a boy’s Hanes T-shirt that Sherida cut the sleeves off of and gathered with a ribbon. She also sewed a matching ribbon on to the hem of the shirt…it is so cute! Then there is the actual art work by Miss Belle herself. Sherida was telling me that she gave Chloe the red paint pen and let her have at it. Chloe was content to simply paint dots on the shirt with her spiffy red pen. Sherida took one look at it and freaked out because the red dots made it look like Chloe had been shot and was bleeding to death. She quickly got out the star stamps and the blue paint to make Chloe hand prints in an effort to camouflage any signs of a drive-by shooting. I would say mission accomplished!

Happy Fourth from Ella

Happy Fourth from Ella

And then there is Ella with her custom diaper cover. I just want to give her a little high 5 on her tushie! Again, Sherida worries way too much and over-analyzed her art work. First, she was unhappy with the smeared left hand print. I am amazed that she got anything that remotely resembled a hand from my squirmy little girl. And second, she was worried that Gary would be offended that his little baby had hand prints emblazoned on her bottom. My response was “have you met my husband?”. I mean, seriously. The man taught his daughter to say “holy crap”, I highly doubt he would be upset by a pair of Ella’s hand prints on her bottom. He would have done it himself if he had the time or the supplies.

Anyhow. We had a fabulous Fourth in our new home. We had the grandparents and some friends over for swimming a nice BBQ. No fireworks, however, as they are not allowed in our community. Which is just fine with me. I don’t quite understand the fascination with blowing up tiny explosives, and I am an amateur pyromaniac. I prefer to watch them on TV, from my sofa, many miles away from possible third degree burns. Perhaps next year I will get over myself and purchase a sparkler.


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