My Big Girl

Somewhere between the move and all of the extra shifts I have been working, my baby Ella has decided to grow up. She still doesn’t have teeth, she still is not crawling in a forward direction, but she is eating big girl food. She pretty much by-passed the whole pureed baby food thing (even though I have spent hours cooking, blending and storing her food). She wants to be an adult like mommy, daddy and big sister. So the other night, I let her try a family favorite – Mac and Cheese. And in our house, it comes from the box.

At new house_008

Mostly she just pushed her food around on her tray. But sometimes she would get some in her mouth:

At new house_007

I think she was a little irritated that I kept taking pictures of her eating her big girl food:

At new house_015

So I tried to focus on other things, like her hands mushing around all that greasy yummy goodness

At new house_018

All in all, it was a good meal. After dinner was over, we got out the pressure washer to hose down the high chair, the floor, and of course, the baby…because the noodles were EVERYWHERE.

At new house_022

Even in the belly button. I think that Ella was trying to store some in case she got hungry overnight. Because that is another thing that my little baby has accomplished since moving into our new house – sleeping through the night.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go to bed and try to sleep. I’m sure that I will be awaking every few hours out of habit. And panic, wondering why the baby isn’t crying.

The silence…it is deafening.


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