More from the Arboretum

While my last post from the UCD Arboretum focused on the blooming love between Ella and Gage, I thought I should share a few pictures of the third wheel who came along for the ride. Chloe spent most of her time chasing ducks and threatening to jump into the water. Which made for some cute photos. And these are the first photos that I have edited with my spankin’ new, super duper Photoshop 4, complete with actions and textures that I had purchased and/or downloaded. I have been waiting for months to buy this and finally decided that I would wait no longer. So here are some samples for you…let me know what you think.




Here’s a shot of Chloe with her feet in the water. She took her shoes of before dipping her tootsies in, which I found funny because her shoes were already wet from jumping in a big puddle. I used a color shift action with the name of “sound of laughter”, which makes me smile. I don’t know that I actually hear the sound of laughter while looking at this, but it reminds me of an old photo that I would pull out of my Grandma’s box of pictures. 


More piggies in the water

More piggies in the water

Here’s another view of the C. Belle enjoying the water. I played with some more color shifts, as well as sharpening (because my photos always look a little out of focus). The straight out of the camera shot had a sickly yellow tint to it that just made me urpy. So it was really fun to play with the colors on this one.


Look mommy, duck!

Look mommy, Duck!

And on this one, I used both color shifts and textures…are you impressed or what? Again, a little of that retro feel going on.

I have been completely inspired by a wonderful photographer’s recent work for Peek…Aren’t You Curious. Her name is Jo Ann Manolis and she does some amazing things with her camera! And she is just the nicest person, too! I haven’t actually met her, but she has been kind enough to answer the moronic questions that I email her. She is the one who guided me towards starting this blog and who told me about the color shifts and textures that I used in these photos. So I give Jo Ann a big “WOO HOO!” for being my personal photography cheerleader. If you have some time, please go visit her website at because she takes some really amazing photos!

I would love to play more with my Photoshop, but I am sleepy and my eyeballs are about to fall out of my head. 

Nighty-night Howard!


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