Ella’s First Date

As I have stated in a previous post, I have found Ella’s future husband. Just to be sure that the two are compatible, I set up a date between the two little lovebirds. Chloe came along on the date to help chaperon, and to be sure that Gage is worthy of her sister’s hand in marriage. 

Gage showed himself to be a gentleman by giving Ella a gift at the start of the date. He provided her with a copy of the book “Chicken Butt”, which we all found to be sweet and humorous! Then we set off for a stroll through the UC Davis’s Arboretum, a wonderful place that brought back memories from my days in vet school. We stopped and settled under a tree so that the babies could eat and Chloe could chase ducks. That is where the magic happened.

Ella, the smitten kitten

Ella, the smitten kitten

Ella could not contain her excitement once she was released from her stroller and was formally introduced to Gage. I think the feeling was mutual, but Gage was trying to appear nonchalant.

Gage, the handsome suitor

Gage, the handsome suitor

Although Gage is a mere 5 months old, he has got some very advanced moves! I think he was showing them off a bit to impress little Ella. Believe me, Ella admired Gage’s early crawling skills.

The little lovebirds

The little lovebirds

 The pair sat on their blankets and told stories of the good old days. They compared notes on car seats, napping and whether or not cloth diapers were the way to go. At one point during the date, Mel and I had to break up the star crossed lovers:



I think Gage found the scent of Ella’s baby wash irresistible. My goodness, if this happened on the first date, what will happen on the second? 

All in all, the date was a huge success! Ella is still talking about how much fun she had and is already asking when she can see Gage again. If daddy has his way, it won’t be for another 40 years. 

Here’s to love!


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