Daddy, we go feed gooses

Daddy took the girls for a walk this morning so that Chloe could feed the ducks and geese. He packed up some old pancakes in a bag and he strapped Ella into the Bjorn. Of course, daddy dressed them for the occasion. When I made the comment “nice little ragamuffins”, Gary said “What? We’re just going to feed the gooses”.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.


The McA Fashion Plates

The McA Fashion Plates

The hat was actually Chloe’s idea. Although you can’t see it, she is wearing purple crocs. So a big thumbs up for at least color coordinating your ensemble!

And take a look at Ella. She is wearing my most favorite pair of shorts, but daddy has paired them with some knee socks. I wish a had a close-up because they are a pair of ballet slippers, complete with crystals on the toes and “Teeny Queenie” on the soles. Thanks Auntie Android!

And off they went, in all of their magnanimous splendor:


One last look

One last look

Yes, her t-shirt says Girls Kick Butt. But the “ladies do lunch” hat classes it up a bit, don’t you think?


Bye Mommy

Bye Mommy

I go feed gooses!


Daddy to the rescue

Daddy to the rescue

Daddy reeled Chloe in and they were off to feed the geese.

Honk Honk!


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