Fun with Nature

I have been taking lots of pictures since I decided that I want to become a photographer. I’m talking LOTS of pictures. Ridiculous, obscene, infinitesimal numbers of pictures. Most of which have been of my daughters. Chloe and Ella are pretty much annoyed with me and my camera, and I am watching my photo opportunities dwindle. Despite my favorite subjects’ reluctance, I have somehow managed to take several photos that I absolutely adore, even though they are probably technically not very good. 

Photographers need portfolios to showcase their skills.  In being the novice that I am, my portfolio is very tiny. The few photos that I do have in my portfolio are of my daughters. Which would be fine if I were trying to sell my services to myself, or to my in-laws. However, I would eventually like to attract the business of more than just my immediate family. So I have branched out and enlisted the aide of my neighbors and co-workers who have been kind enough to volunteer their poor, defenseless children so that I may feed my hobby-gone-berserk.

Today I finally met up with Cheryl and her daughter. We have been trying to get together for a few months, but our schedules just never seemed to coordinate. We managed to give it a go today, even though Cheryl worked the overnight shift last night and got only a few hours sleep before meeting me. She is way more brawny than I am, because I would have said “girlfriend, I’d love to help you out but I’s needs my beauty sleep!”. I haven’t been able to get through many of the pictures, but I edited a few tonight. And the ones that I am going to show don’t really show her daughter’s face, because I want Cheryl to be the first one to see those. I guess I am a little silly that way.

Anyhow, I had all of these great ideas of photos that I wanted to take of Bre. Trouble was, once I tried to re-create these ideas, I realized that they stunk. Which is cool, I can roll with the punches and be spontaneous. Thank goodness for all the nature lurking around Folsom, because it made for some fun shots that would have otherwise been kinda lame.

Take for example the giant dandelions that I found. You would not believe the size of these things! After a few failed attempts of plucking one of these giant beasts from the ground, I managed to get one intact to give to Bre. 


Bre and her Giant Dandelion

Bre and her Giant Dandelion




Isn’t that HUMONGOUS? I have never seen such a thing. Just for reference, Bre is almost 3 years old. Yes, that dandelion is bigger than her hand.

Here she is holding one of the spores (sorry if I am not using the correct terminology…I’m a little rusty on my botany).


Ta Da!

Ta Da!

I’m not quite sure what those flowers eat to get so big… I am guessing small children, like Bre. Have no fear, she was not harmed or consumed while taking these photos.

As I was taking some photos of Bre, Cheryl happened to notice a little frog hopping by. In contrast to our dandelion friend, this frog has not been eating his Wheaties. He was just the tiniest little guy! Cheryl has an appreciation for all sorts of animals that I find scary. Her daughter seems to have inherited that gene, because she was more than happy to pet the miniature amphibian:


Bre and her baby frog

Bre and her baby frog



Much to my surprise (and moderate disgust), Bre wanted to hold the frog:


Mommy, I hold the frog

Mommy, I hold the frog



I have at least 50 shots of Bre holding the little dude, most of which are out of focus (one of these days I will figure out the focus!). I’m hoping that I will be able to salvage at least one. But at least I managed to get this shot, which I am really starting to enjoy, even though it features a slimy frog…

And there are a few samples of our fun, nature filled day in Folsom. Many thanks to Cheryl and Bre for taking some time out of their day so that I may continue to practice on this obsession hobby of mine.

Get some sleep Cheryl!


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