Lovin’ you Mel!

I just read the sweetest, most awesome message on my Facebook page! It totally made my day not just because of what it said, but because of who said it. The message is from Melanie, a classmate of mine from vet school. She just wanted to let me know that she enjoys reading my blog and to also let me know that I am appreciated. How amazing is that? I am so completely flattered and happy that I still have a smile upon my face 🙂

Now I think that everybody can appreciate a kind word, whether it be from a friend or a stranger. But let me tell you why I find this message so BEYOND flattering. Melanie (or Mel as we called her in school) is one of those people who has got it all. For starters, she is RIDICULOUSLY brilliant! She went on to become boarded in one of the most difficult specialties, neurology. Yes people, the girl is a brain surgeon. Literally. I mean, she surgicates on animal brains and spinal cords, makes dogs walk again, makes seizures stop, and all sorts of other miraculous, highly specialized things. That alone makes her a GOD in my book. And when she isn’t in the clinic or the OR, she is training for triathlons. WHAT? Yes, she gets out and bikes and runs and swims. I have no idea where she finds the time or the energy, but she does.

So if you are reading this and thinking that Mel is the perfect woman, she is. But I am not finished yet. On top of being a brain surgeon and a triathlete, she has the most amazing blue eyes and is super tall and thin, like a supermodel. Hate her yet? Wait, there is more. Mel is married to an amazing man, whom she met in vet school. I must digress for a moment and tell you about their courtship, which I know very little about, but watched transpire during third year (I think). I sat in the back row (I’m a slacker) and Mel and JT sat in the middle of the lecture hall. Slowly their seats migrated towards one another and they eventually wound up sitting next to each other. Usually with their backs up against each other. And not in a gross, make you want to vomit sort of way, but a sweet “lean on me”  kind of way. Oh, did I mention that JT is boarded in one of the other most difficult specialties – surgery? Could you imagine what kind of children they might have if they decided to reproduce? Oh wait, they have! That’s right, little Gage entered the world a mere 4 months ago and is just the most handsome little guy! In fact, I am saving up for a dowry to give to his parents so that Ella can marry him some day. 

I got on Facebook not too long after Gage was born, and I saw all of the great photos that Mel was posting of her little man. I mustered up the courage to ask if I could practice taking photos of him, since I am interested in starting my own portrait photography biz someday. Mel and JT were very polite and allowed me to take some photos (some, meaning 500). I am way super critical of myself, but Mel said that she just loved them and she posted some on her FB page. Here are a few of my favorites from that day:


Gage and Mel

Gage and Mel

I love how you can just see Mel peeking around Gage with a big smile on her face. That is the look of a proud mama who is just so insanely in love with her baby, words can’t even describe. Oh, by the way, did you see the blue eyes on that boy?


Gage in Black and White

Gage in Black and White

I’m not quite sure what it is about this photo, but I just love it. Maybe it is because he is nestled in daddy’s arms. Or because he has such a bright expression in his eyes. Or maybe it is because he appears to be glowing, like a little angel. 




Those of you non-veterinary types might be completely disgusted by this one! But I think it is super cute!




JT, there are ovaries screaming all over the world tonight!

I didn’t even need to give these guys direction and tell them things like “okay, now lean in and kiss your baby…”, they are just naturally this way. Again, saving money for Ella’s dowry.


Family Photo

Family Photo

Is this not a gorgeous family? If I had a wide angle lens at the time, I would have stuck the cats in there, too. I’m all emotional after watching So You Think You Can Dance that I am gushing a bit…but for goodness sake, I just love these guys! I am hoping that I can photograph them again at some point, hopefully before Gage and Ella’s wedding day.

Thank you Mel for your very sweet message on Facebook. I have printed it out so that I can refer to it when I am having a bad day, or am feeling unappreciated (which happens a lot in mommy land). 

And thank you for letting me into your world for a couple of hours. I think you are awesome.

Take care.


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