“We go gin-nas-tis”

Wednesday is gymnastics day for Chloe, or as she calls it, “gin-nas-tis”. She usually starts talking about gymnastics on Sunday, and we have to tell her that she gets to go in a couple of days.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

Chloe: We go gin-nas-tis?

Me: We will go on Wednesday.

Chloe: Wesday. Didter go to Sheh-i-la’s (Ella goes to the babysitter, Sherida, while Chloe is tumbling).

Me: Yes, sister will go to Sherida’s.

Chloe: We see Fwinney?

Me: Yes, we will see Sydney (her friend)

Chloe: And we see Miss Pina? (her instructor)

Me: Yes, we will see Miss Amanda (I still don’t know where “Pina” comes from because it sounds nothing like Amanda).

Chloe: Okay.

So today we went to gymnastics…and what a great day! The first great part about it was that daddy came along!!! Today was a paper work day, and he took some time out to go watch his little girl at play. And the second great part about today was that it was a “show day” at Tricks, where all the parents and grandparents and friends come along to watch the little tumblebunnies in action. They had a Hawaiian theme going on, complete with leis and decorations and Elvis Hawaiian music. Man, it was da BOMB!

Fortunately, I brought along my camera. My thought process was that daddy would participate with Chloe while Ella slept in her car seat (inside the gym – I didn’t leave her in the car), and I would be free to take pictures of the little Beast in full-on Beast mode. Chloe did not disappoint! Take a look:


On the rings

On the rings

Chloe just loves to hang on the rings. She just giggles and hangs on forEVER! 


The Trampoline Ramp

The Trampoline Ramp

Tricks has this great trampoline ramp that the toddlers run on. I’m sure that it probably has some bigger, greater purpose for the older kids, but for Chloe, it is pure entertainment! It is a one-way ramp, and she starts on one ends and runs all the way to the other. And she screams the entire way. Which is funny, because she is bouncing along and it sounds like “ahhhh..yaaaaa…yaaaa” as she boings up and down.




A lot of my shots from today look like this. I’m still learning to focus and move with my subject. I took a class with Nikon School (which was super awesome!) and one of the instructors likened photographing children to that of wildlife. I couldn’t agree more. 

 That was a shot I was trying to take of Chloe jumping on the big trampoline. Just in case you were wondering what her entire self looks like, here she is:

Jumping on the Surf Board

Jumping on the Surf Board

The kids usually jump in a star, but today Miss Amanda drew a surf board (to go along with the whole Hawaiian theme). Ashes, ashes, Chloe sit down!

After the trampoline comes the parachute:

On the Parachute

On the Parachute

Tricks has this awesome rainbow parachute. The kids lay down on the edge of the parachute, the parents pick it up and the kids all slide down to the middle. I think I need to start lifting weights so that I can send Chloe down at a little higher velocity. 

Under the Parachute

Under the Parachute

Then the kids go under the parachute while the parents lift it up and down. Chloe loves to lay on her back and put her feet in the air.

Ella napping

Ella napping

Ella followed my plan precisely, which made me super happy! Fwinney’s Sydney’s grandma “Mimi” was there to watch her granddaughter, and she was nice enough to keep an eye on Ella for me while I took lots of pictures. Fortunately, Ella woke up in time for the awards ceremony. Chloe, the big ham that she is, went first:


Hey! This isn't American Ido!

Hey! Where's Simon?

I just realized that this looks like a publicity shot for American Idol (which I do NOT watch, but understand there was some sort of upset tonight). Anyhow, Chloe didn’t give us a big “ta da!”, but she was still really cute nonetheless! All of the kids received a lei (I was super excited that her lei coordinated nicely with her adorable Tea ensemble), a blue ribbon, and a little bag to collect pennies, which they can later donate to a charity.


The Little Star

The Little Star

At the end of each class, the kids get inked with stamps on all of their hands, feet and belly. Today’s stamp was a pretty Hawaiian flower. 


Flower Stamps

Flower Stamps

I wish I knew what kind of flower that was. And orchid? A gardenia? I’m pretty sure that it isn’t cannibus, which was Gary’s observation.

Anyhow, that would be a whirlwind tour of our day at Tricks today. I hope that you enjoyed a little peek into our world today. And what a great day it was!



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