Happy Mother’s Day

My sincere apologies for being a few days late on my Mother’s Day salutations. I had intended to write this on Sunday, but managed to procrastinate, which made me feel guilty and avoid the situation entirely. So here I am on Thursday, 4 days after Mother’s Day, writing my Mother’s Day blog. If it makes you feel better (it makes me feel better), I did call my mother on Mother’s Day.

As a Mother’s Day present to myself, I decided to photograph my girls with their baby blankets that I had knitted for them. Not an easy task. But here is what I came up with:

Ella and Her Blanket

Ella and Her Blanket

So inquisitive my little Ella is! I knitted her blanket with I’m Allergic To Wool, an organic cotton yarn from Farmhouse Yarns. I just love it! The blanket has 3 rows of cabled hearts, which you can kinda see on either side of her head. Here is a picture I had taken with the blanket when Ella was still in utero:

Ella Belly and Blanket

Ella Belly and Blanket

This photo was taken by Gamillah Photography when I was about 36 weeks pregnant with Ella. Michael took some amazing photos, which I will post more of later…probably after I have had several glasses of wine.

Photographing Chloe with her blanket was much more difficult. She was busy watching Noggin and was sick with the croup, which did not make for a happy or cooperative subject. But here she is:

Chloe and Her Blanket

Chloe and Her Blanket

Yes, she is totally out of focus. But I love this picture because she is smiling at me and my obnoxious camera. And you can see part of her blanket, which is knitted from a fabulous and outrageously soft alpaca yarn. But it sheds a lot and makes Chloe’s nose itchy. So it lives in a box under her bed. All that work…

For my mother, I am planning (that’s right, I haven’t done it yet) on framing a photo of each of my girls for her. Here is the one of Ella I plan to frame:

Ella D

Ella D

And here is the one of Chloe that I plan to frame:

C. Belle

C. Belle

Although I’m not sure that she will get it. I can hear her saying “Nicole, one of her eyes is missing and the picture is off-center”. Yes, it’s true. Chloe only has one eye. Just kidding. I like this photo because Chloe’s eyes are as blue and her hair as white as the stripes in her shirt.

And I am having a photo framed for my mother-in-law as well. Our niece was in town a month or two ago, and I photographed all 3 of the girls together. I could not get a single photo with all 3, let alone 2 girls looking at the camera. So here is the best one of the bunch (which I still haven’t finished going through yet because I am a slacker).

Curly, Smiley and the Beast

Curly, Smiley and the Beast

Katie, if you are reading this, I will have this photo printed for you and I promise to finish these photos at some point! I know, I already said that…

And there are a few of my favorite pictures. Hope you all had a happy and wonderful Mother’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. hahah!! Love it…like she is telling you it’s off center as if you hadn’t noticed or something…lol My dad makes comments like that, too…in fact he just did that past weekend…”you should try to zoom out a little on that one next time…” (i was shooting with a macro lens!)

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