My Poor Baby x 2

Yes, I have two sickies. And it isn’t the swine flu. Just your regular, run of the mill, plain and boring croup. Which I believe the girls picked up in Yosemite, while playing at the indoor pool which was crowded with lots of snotty-nosed kids. Apparently we all had the same idea on that rainy day…

Last Thursday, I decided to try and take some photos of little Ella. She had been acting a little clingy, but I chalked that up to the “separation anxiety” my pediatrician warned me about at our check-up last week. She is usually very willing to have my camera right up in her face, and is almost always smiling. I thought I would try and take some shots of her wearing this silly little hat that I bought for Chloe a while ago…

Silly girl, silly hat

Silly girl, silly hat.

How cute is my little girl?!?! Gary hates this hat, but I think it is kinda cute. Anyhow, I thought the photo looked a little blurry (I have focus issues) so I decided to try to do better.
Cutie Patooty

Cutie Patooty

Ah, that’s better! But of course, I had to try for even bettter. And I ended up with this:
Poopy face

Poopy face

Uh oh. There goes the bottom lip. Which usually preceeds a meltdown. But I was hopeful and chose to keep going. In my infinite wisdom, I decided that it must be the silly hat that was bothering her.

Game Over

Game Over

Nope. It wasn’t the hat. Or the camera, for that matter. It was the croup, slowly sinking in, turning my poor sweet baby into a grumpy febrile snot factory. It was at this point I decided to stop torturing my child and let her rest for a while. Which was a good idea, I thought. Two hours later, she had a temp of 101.5.

And Chloe is feeling better, but there are moments when it is evident that she is not 100% recovered yet:

Lethargic Chloe

Lethargic Chloe

We have been weaning her off her pacifier or “pieces”, saving it only for naps and bed time. She has been using it a lot this week as she has been napping a lot…5 hours yesterday! That is a lot of sleep for someone who just took up napping again. I guess that she is just trying to recover from the crap croup.

It has been a long week at our house. Momma ain’t feelin’ so great herself. I don’t know if it is allergies or if I have some rare adult-onset croup. Perhaps I have swine flu. I don’t know, I just hope whatever it is, it goes away soon.

On that note, I am going to bed.

Take care.


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