My Poor Baby

Chloe is currently sick with what I believe to be the flu. I’m hoping that it is not the swine flu, bird flu, or any other cross-species flu. My little girl has a snotty nose, is running a low grade fever, and is running at a mere 55mph, versus her usual 110. Almost daily, I secretly wish that she will slow down so that I may get a break. But this afternoon she has slowed waaaaaaaaaaaay down, and I miss my little tornado. Not because I miss the chaos, but because that is who she is: crazy and funny and just plain adorable.

So I thought I would look at some photos from our trip this weekend, when she was in rare Chloe form. Gary had a meeting in Yosemite and we all got to go along. Unfortunately, I rained the entire time, and there was not much to do besides sit in the very nice hotel room at the Tenaya Lodge and watch TV. We went out to dinner with some friends and their 3 kids (5 small children out to dinner – stressful!) and enjoyed some yummy food. As we headed back to the room, I noticed that it had stopped raining and we went outside to let the little Beast run around. I had made a conscious effort to leave my camera in the room because I wanted to actually enjoy my family, rather than try to capture my family having fun. So I ran up to the room, grabbed my camera, and got some fun shots of Chloe being Chloe.

Fly Chicken!

Fly Chicken!

Chloe doesn’t have a teddy bear, she has a chicken. He is actually a rooster, but she calls him Chicken. So here she is, launching Chicken.

More of the Flying Chicken

More of the Flying Chicken

I love this shot because Chicken is frozen in the sky while Chloe is all blurry. I don’t know how I pulled that off, and I probably won’t be able to do it again. So I’ll just enjoy it.

Run Chloe Run!

Run Chloe Run!

And here she is, running towards me. How cute is she with her blond hair blowing in the wind and her cheeks all rosy? And I just love this pink shirt she is wearing! I got it from Peek…Aren’t You Curious. It is super soft and has great little details, like ruffled straps and beading. Can you believe that it was on sale for $12? SCORE!!!

While I was shooting photos of Gary with the girls, a man happened to stroll by and ask me “would you like me to take a picture with you in it?”. I was going to say no because a) I don’t like to have my picture taken and b) my camera was on manual and I had my big ass lens on and I just didn’t feel like handing it over to Joe Shmoe. When I turned around to politely decline, I noticed that he had the same big ass lens on his camera. AND he had the camera body that I can only dream of owning – a Nikon D3. If $5000 fell into my lap, I would run right out and buy me that camera body. So I gladly handed it over to him and he took some nice shots with my little ole’ D80. If only everyone could have looked at the camera at the same time…

My Family

My Family

…and my big bootie wasn’t hanging out in the wind. This is why I don’t like my picture taken. Anyhow, here we are having a good time. Thank you Mr. Nikon D3 Professional Photographer Guy!

Back to my little sickie who I am hoping will feel better with the Children’s Tylenol I gave her. And I am hoping that tomorrow when she wakes up, she will be back to her crazy, silly, adorable self.

Sleep tight, C. Belle.


4 thoughts on “My Poor Baby

  1. My little niece is getting so big and beautiful, all at the same time. Nicole, you are doing such a wonderful job with these pictures. The pictures of Lou and Eddy brought me to tears. To look at Lou, who we used to babysit and see him kissing that dog, was PRICELESS.

    Thank you for the images!

  2. LOVE the story of Mr. Professional Camera guy taking that pic for you! And it turned out GREAT!!! I wish random photogs would come up to me and offer to take a photo of us! LOL

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