The Photography Bug

Last June I had this bright idea that I would buy a new camera. I was pregnant with Ella and had cut my hours at work way back, and I was thinking that maybe it would be fun to start a little business taking portraits of kids. So I sent my neighbor an email (she is a photography nut) about what sort of camera I should buy. She replied with a highly informative 3 page email, detailing different models of digital SLRs (what?), lenses (you mean there is more than one?), and software (huh?) that I would need. Holy crap. I thought I would just buy a camera, point it at something, and I would have beautiful images. Turns out that photography is way more complicated than that.

So I ended up buying a Nikon D80 and love it! I took it on vacation and shot well over 600 pictures. All in automatic mode. These photos were way better than anything I had ever shot before…But I wanted them to be better. So my photography neighbor told me about a class at Folsom Parks and Rec taught by Bonita Chimes. It was one night a week for 4 weeks, and it taught me how to use my camera on manual. I was hooked.

So hooked, I can’t stop taking pictures, much to the annoyance of my husband and children. So hooked that I find myself pulling over on the side of the road because I see something that I think will make a beautiful picture. My neighbor says “you got the bug”. Yeah, I got the bug.



Here is a cow, grazing in a field somewhere near Elk Grove. The fam was driving somewhere and I made Gary stop the car so that I could take some photos. Fortunately the girls were asleep in the back seat and didn’t complain. The light was just beautiful, and there were these huge, fluffy clouds in the sky…I could have stayed all day.



Can you tell I love clouds? Here is a photo from a day where I was driving home and there was a storm coming in. I parked at the top of a hill, pulled out my camera and tripod, and started shooting. My hands were frozen, my teeth were chattering, but I just couldn’t stop!!!

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls

And then there was Yosemite. We went on our annual trip in March, and Gary was kind enough to watch the girls so I could go out and shoot some pictures. I stood out in the meadow for about 2 hours at sunset, shooting the Falls and Half Dome in the rapidly changing light. I was playing with different settings on my camera and I got this photo. When it came up on the LCD screen, I believe I said “holy shit”.

I got the bug.

I am having way too much fun with photography. I’m addicted. And I find myself obsessed with all of the things that I need in order to make my photos better, and to start my own business. Like a new computer. And the current professional edition of Photoshop (I have the consumer version). And a new lens (I have already purchased 3, but I want another one). Not to mention a website. I’ll get there some day. Until then, I will just keep shooting and I will love every minute of it.


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