Chloe the Elf

Did you ever see that movie “Elf”? The one where Will Farrell plays Buddy, a man raised by elves? It was really cute, and I was reminded of it the other day when Chloe raided my bathroom (which I supposedly childproofed):

Yummy cotton balls!

Yummy cotton balls!

I think that Chloe must be Buddy’s love child, because this girl loves to eat cotton balls. I know, it is totally disgusting.

Tasty cotton ball!

Tasty cotton ball!

I mean, how in the world could this possibly be appetizing? All dry and fluffy. I can just feel the little fibers getting stuck behind my tonsil, beyond the reach of my fingers. And between my teeth. And up my nose.

And for those of you wanting to ask the obvious question, the answer is no, I haven’t checked to see if it has come through the other end. Ew.

I think I'm full...

No more

I think she would have eaten the entire bag had I not intervened.

The girl also loves to eat paper: toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex. I used to worry about it, but my sister (a registered dietician) told me that she used to eat paper, too. I guess that makes me feel better…she turned out okay.

All gone

All done

I just hope she doesn’t develop a palate for maple syrup, like Buddy. This girl already has the energy level of an entire high school cheerleading squad. I don’t think I could handle her all amped up on sugar, too. I’ll take cotton balls over maple syrup any day.

And such is life at the zoo…


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