Wild Turkeys

Our backyard faces an open field, which happens to be prime stomping ground for wild turkeys. They especially like our house, because Gary fills a bird feeder with seed, most of which winds up dumped onto the ground. Mind you, our yard is probably about 1/10 of an acre, not exactly what you would consider haven to wild animals.

The other day, my next door neighbor was over and could not believe that the turkeys were in our yard. Apparently they never come into her yard to visit. Probably because she doesn’t have a bad-ass bird feeder hanging on her fence (which is, I’m almost certain, in direct violation of 10 different CCNRs).

And then there is Gary’s colleague, who also can’t believe we have wild turkeys in our yard. He has expressed his eagerness to come over and hunt the wild turkeys. When Gary explained to him that we live in city limits (remember, a whopping 1/10 of an acre) and that gun fire would be frowned upon, he stated something along the lines of “no worries, I’ll use a bow and arrow. Nobody will ever hear that”.

So for all you budding ornithologists and bird hunters out there, here is a look at our back yard on a typical morning.

Two grazing turkeys

Two grazing turkeys

Here are two wild turkeys, happily grazing our backyard along the fence. That is until our dogs ran outside and interrupted their breakfast.

Flying Turkey

Flying Turkey

Fortunately, the turkeys are pretty good fliers.

Turkey on Fence

Turkey on Fence

This turkey made it onto our fence before the vicious Boston Terrier could nip at her ankles. Sometimes the turkeys just perch on the fence and hang out. I think they like the view.

Turkey on Roof

Turkey on Roof

And this turkey sought refuge on our neighbors’ roof. Last place I would expect to see a wild turkey, but hey, if a Boston Terrier is chasing you…

So that would be a sample of the wildlife here in Folsom. If you decide to stop by for a visit, please leave the bow and arrow at home.


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